Svalors flykt


Norstedts, Stockholm, 2022


Axelsson, Majgull

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Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Signed Copy

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German and Germanic > Literature > Literature in other Germanic languages > Swedish literature > Swedish miscellany


Psychologist Christel has a new patient. Molly Andersson 16 years. At least, that’s what the papers say. But Molly claims that Molly is a dog name and prefers to be called Zadie Moonbeam. The reason she has ended up with Christel is that her parents, whose violence and abuse have forced her in and out of foster homes throughout her upbringing, are finally out of the picture. Now, she can get her apartment, provided she is judged mature. And the one who has to judge it is Christel.

Christel feels a kind of kinship with Zadie but, at the same time, struggles with her problems. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but does not want to admit it even to herself or her best friend, her cousin Lisbeth, who is now retired after a lifetime as an obstetrician. One of the children Lisbeth helped into the world is Zadie Moonbeam. Then, one day, Christel learns that Lisbeth has received an anonymous letter. It is terrifying.



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