Kvinnan på bänken


Stockholm : Norstedts, 2018


Jansson, Anna

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Hardcover, Dust Jacket

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German and Germanic > Literature > Literature in other Germanic languages > Swedish literature > Swedish miscellany


Detective Inspector Jesper Ek has fallen head over heels in love. But his new love, Julia, is an enigma. What is it that she does not want to tell? When her past catches up, the trap is back on Ek, who finds herself in a terrible predicament and can’t even get help from her colleagues.

Maria Wern is called to the Lärbro rectory and realizes it holds many secrets. According to legend, a priest was killed in the church in the 13th century, and it is said that the killer walks again. The young priest Alva has been threatened, and the deacon Ragnar is deeply concerned that she is not taking the threats seriously. When Maria finds scrapbooks about Alva that the deacon made, new questions are raised.

On Gotland, the mother goddess carries snakes and has been worshiped since the Stone Age. In this environment, Anna Jansson’s new, exciting crime novel about Maria Wern takes place.



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