Ett högt pris


Bokfabriken, Malmö, 2023


Palm, Veronica

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German and Germanic > Literature > Literature in other Germanic languages > Swedish literature > Swedish miscellany


Vilma takes extramural courses at the university and lives the free life every nineteen-year-old wishes. And then she sells sex. After a police raid, she is drawn into a tangle of pimps, drugs, and violence, far from the suck-daddy life she told herself she had.

At the same time, Member of Parliament Emilia Berg is in the spotlight after speaking strongly about a political sex-buying scandal. Shocked that someone she knows and trusts is caught red-handed, she soon realizes that the affair is more significant than what reached the newspapers.

From different directions, Emilia and Vilma are drawn into an escalating, violent conflict. Emilia sees how the justice system is unable to judge those who commit this type of crime and how the victims alone have to bear the guilt and shame.

Emilia risks everything when influential people oppose her and her position in the Riksdag, and she is forced into a heart-pounding quest for revenge, where she puts her political career on the line.



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