I Linnés spår genom Sverige


Stockholm : Bilda, 2001.


Torgny, Ove

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Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Linnaeus


Carl Linnaeus came to Törrfjorden, a few miles south of Narvik, as a 25-year-old exhausted from hiking down the mountains during his journey to Lapland on July 11, 1732. He rested on the fjord’s shore and ate some strawberries. When Linnaeus set off alone on horseback towards Lapland, he began a series of landscape journeys that would only end seventeen years later with the Scanian journey. Linné was not only interested in plants, animals and nature. He also tirelessly noted how people lived together daily and at parties in different parts of the country. Travelling with Linné becomes a cultural-historical journey of discovery in 18th-century Sweden. The book I Linné’s Track through Sweden tells the story of a rarely committed traveller and human being. Ove Torgny has travelled, recorded and photographed in Linné’s footsteps. He describes what Linné was involved in during his travels and what today’s travellers can see in Linné’s footsteps. Thoughtful and amusing quotes from diaries and travel stories bring Linné’s experiences close to him in a book where the reader becomes one of his fellow travellers.



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