Den siste alkemisten i Paris och andra egendomliga episoder ur det periodiska systemet


Liding : Fri tanke, 2015


Öhrström, Lars

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Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Science, Chemistry, Periodic Table

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Biography And History > Chemistry > Chemistry > Natural sciences and mathematics


This book is about discovery and disaster, exploitation and invention, war and science, and the relationship between humans and the chemicals that make up us and our planet. Through stories about ordinary and unusual people worldwide, Lars Öhrström presents several essential elements and their remarkable properties.

We get to meet African dictators who control vital uranium resources, 19th-century explorers looking for precious metals in unexpected places, and industrial spies who steal the secrets of steelmaking. We learn why the Hindenburg was tragically filled with hydrogen instead of helium, how nail polish removal played a crucial role in the First World War and the true story behind the legend of Napoleon and the pewter buttons. Each chapter shows the characteristic properties of an element and the practical applications they enable. These are fascinating and sometimes terrifying stories of how chemistry has been used throughout history.



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