Allt ska växa : en berättelse om den lille Carl Linnaeus


Nilsson, Ulf

Stockholm : Lilla Piratförlaget, 2022.

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Hardcover, Linnaeus, Children’s Literature

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2000- > German and Germanic > Literature > Literature in other Germanic languages > Swedish fiction > Swedish literature


Everything that lives must grow! Carl exclaims to his little sister Anna as they pulsate through the Smolandian winter landscape. Carl loves flowers and wants to understand everything, systematize, and catalogue. He dreams of everything he will do when he grows up. Travel around and collect plants. See what they can be used for and what they are helpful for. He wants to travel far beyond the borders of Småland, indeed all over the world! Little sister Anna realizes that the future does not offer the same opportunities for her. Not to mention what it means for the two frozen and poor children that Carl and Anna meet.

Ulf Nilsson has written a profoundly moving text about dreams and the longing to grow – to live! Cecilia Heikkilä’s pictures offer colourful flowers and snow-covered expanses. Together, they create a book to read aloud or read yourself, making you think about what you want to do with your time here.



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